Ultrastart U1272 Pro Remote Car Starter/Keyless Entry Review


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The UltraStart U1272 Pro allows you to start and unlock your car up to a whopping 2,800 feet away through the use of advanced RF technology.

The unit comes with two remotes that are as durable as they are fashionable and allow you to control every function of the system. The UltraStart U1272 Pro remote car starter is designed to work on both gas and diesel powered cars and includes several advanced features that enable you to customize the system for your needs.

You can decide how long the car runs once remotely started as well as keeping it running once the key is removed. This is called valet mode and is a great feature to use when having someone else park your car. In addition to these features, the UltraStart U1272 Pro remote car system also includes a trunk and hood sensor for security and provides 5 additional heavy-duty relays for control of other car functions.

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