Crimestopper RS-4 Review


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Even though having a warm car to slip into for a cold morning drive is nice, the Crimestopper RS-4 takes convenience even further.

Where most remote starters simply allow you to start your car, the Crimestopper RS-4 gives you a wide selection of choices on the buttons you push to start it and how long it will run once you do. You can choose between a single button push, double push or even a push and hold method to instigate the remote starting process. The unit is smart enough to delay the start as well for diesel vehicles, which is something not a lot of remote starters can handle.

The Crimestopper RS-4 is also programmable to allow you to keep the car running from 1 to 5 minutes after the key has been removed. This keeps the car warm while you run into a store without the worry of theft. This remote start system also includes 5 additional relays that enable you to activate other car functions once the car is started remotely.

All of these features make the Crimestopper RS-4 the perfect unit for any car.

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