Audiovox Prestige Aps620n Remote Car Starter / Keyless Entry Combo System Review


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The Audiovox Prestige Aps620n remote car system allows you to both start your vehicle easily, and unlock your doors and trunk from the longest distance possible.

It has an amazing 1400 foot range that allows you to start your car from anywhere in your home. This is made possible by a very sophisticated, glass-mounted super heterodyne antenna. Having this extended range also makes it easier to find your car in a crowded parking lot from a longer distance away. Simply hit the remote and your horn will toot to direct you to your vehicle.

The Audiovox Prestige Aps620n is very easy to install and does not require the external relay boxes that many other starters need to control your car. By having all the control electronics inside the “brain box” you can install this system in about half the time of others.

The Audiovox Prestige Aps620n remote car system also provides a wide range of advanced features that include a data port and 5 additional control circuits. It can be used on both gas and diesel vehicles and is designed for an automatic transmission. You have the choice between a 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute run time and can have your parking lights either flash or stay lit when it is in automatic run mode.

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