Python 991 Responder LC3 SST Security/Remote Start System Review


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The Python 991 may be one of the most sophisticated systems ever designed. It not only allows you to remotely start your car from over a mile away, it send you intrusion alerts as well if the vehicle is being tampered with. All of this interaction takes place on a beautiful, third-generation LCD remote. The remote even displays the interior temperature of the vehicle and features a rechargeable battery.

The security features of the system start with a vibration sensor that will emit a low warning tone that increases to a full volume alarm if the intrusion continues. The Python 991 also allows you to unlock your doors and can honk your horn to help you locate your car in a crowded parking lot.

The Python 991 Responder also features a remote ignition kill switch that can be operated from the same remote and allows you to turn the car off if needed. The system is delivered with one 2-way Responder LCD remote and a second 1-way companion remote.

All of the actions the Python 991 enables you to perform remotely are confirmed with both a visual indication on the remote as well as vibration. This gives you the peace of mind that your car is locked and started in the morning when you send the command.

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