Autopage C3RS665-2W 2 Way Remote Car Start 3 Channel Alarm Review


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Most remote starters do a decent job of starting your car and can offer little else in the way of protecting your vehicle. The Autopage C3RS665-2W Remote Car Starter combines the best features normally found in a remote starter with alarm functions in the same system. This simplifies the installation and enables you to both protect and control your vehicle from a distance.

The Autopage C3RS665-2W Remote Car Starter comes with a 2-way key fob so you have instant confirmation that your remote actions have been completed. This is great feedback that helps you avoid walking outside to find a cold car because your system never got the command to start. It also comes with a simpler 1-way remote you can use as a spare if needed.

The system can be used on both gas and diesel powered vehicles and supports both automatic and manual transmissions as well. You can program most of the system’s features from the 2-way remote and adjust run times and alarm modes on the fly. On the alarm side of its features, the Autopage C3RS665-2W Remote Car Starter provides 3 channels for alarm inputs, which can be used to secure your vehicle. It also features a two-way C3 Data Port, which is not normally found on units in this price range.

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