AVITAL 5103 Security/Remote Start System Review


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The AVITAL 5103 Security/Remote Start System not only helps to prevent the theft of your vehicle, it can also remotely start and unlock your car.

The first thing you’ll notice with this system is its amazing range of 1500 feet. Most factory systems only operate over a very short distance and won’t help with starting your car from inside your house.

The AVITAL 5103 Security/Remote Start System also provides a high degree of protection from theft for your car. It features a Zone 2 Impact Sensor that can detect bumps and shakes to the car that may indicate a break-in. When this occurs the system issues a warning sound to deter anyone from proceeding. If the shaking continues, the system sounds the Revenger siren and activates the starter interrupt circuit to prevent the vehicle form being started. All of this happens automatically and the details can be easily customized into the unit by your installer using the Bitwriter programming device.

Lastly the AVITAL 5103 Security/Remote Start System features a D2D serial data port for Xpresskits, which makes installation a snap.

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