Python 4203P Responder 1 Remote Start System Review


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The market is flooded with car remote start systems and customers get confused whether a particular product is good enough or not. The Python 4203P Responder 1 Remote Start System is one such product that promises to provide long distance two way remote connection with the car, starting it at a distance and act as a complementary to the keyless entry provided by the car manufacturer.

The start system has a car finder function by which if the system is connected to a horn, it starts honking letting the user know where the car is parked. The unit is just 6X3 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds. The system comes with two small remote keys and retails for $115.99 on Eleven customers have given this product an average 4/5 rating.

Python 4203P Responder 1 Remote Start System Review Summary

The Negative

The Python 4203P Responder 1 Remote Start System has received one 1-star and one two-star reviews on The basic complaint with this product is that it cannot be installed by the customer. The company representative or an authorized dealer is required to install this product or else it will not work or work intermittently. Those who install it individually have a tough time trying to get it rectified as the online help is uncooperative. Yet another customer had a peculiar problem of the red buzzer light blinking on his remote for no reason at all. Since he had installed the system without the OEM, he could not get any help from the OEM or an authorized dealer. The manual is quite sketchy and does not provide troubleshooting guide for blinking buzzer. When the remote is out of range, the remote key is supposed to flash with a particular code, this happens, only that the code is different from what is listed in the manual.

The Positive

Most customers who have given positive reviews are the ones who had employed an authorized dealer to come and install the Python 4203P Responder 1 Remote Start System. Satisfied customers report that the remote works well even through concrete walls. The system not only starts up the car but also has facility to switch on the defroster and lock or unlock car doors if the car has an auto lock system. If the car is running, the system understands that and sends it to the remote which gives the appropriate code. The system takes between 45 minutes to one hour to install. The system is especially useful in the winter season. Car owners can stay in the warmth of the house, start the car remotely, start the heater remotely, wait for the car to warm up and then enter the car. What a great way to protect sudden exposure to cold weather.


The Python 4203P Responder 1 Remote Start System is a great multipurpose car starter system that not only starts the car engine remotely but can also start the heater or defroster and unlock or lock car doors remotely. The system has got good reviews from over 90% of the users on and is therefore a good value for money. The only downside of this system is that it requires the OEM or authorized dealer to install; a DIY approach will end in grief as has been the experience of two customers. The remote works over long distance and can also work through concrete walls. We believe that this car remote start system is worth the $115.99 tag.


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