Avital 4113 LX Remote Start with Two 1-Button Remotes Review


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The Avital 4113 L Remote Car Starter is a simple way to add remote starting capabilities to any car quickly. The system comes with two remotes that allow you to start your car from a distance to warm things up for you on those cold mornings. The system is easy to install and includes a D2D serial data port for Xpresskits as well.

The Avital 4113 LX Remote Start System comes with two micro remotes and is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a remote start system to their car with very little hassle. Many of the other systems on the market that include a range of exotic features can be complicated to program and operate, which leads to many of their owners abandoning them after a short time.

This system is very easy to use and will give you years of quick remote starts once installed. In addition to the basic remote starting capabilities, the Avital 4113 LX Remote Car Starter also allows you to unlock doors on the car once it has been remote started. This is a nice plus for cars without a remote door lock.

Finally, the Avital 4113 LX provides several additional outputs that can be used to trigger your horn and parking lights to alert you to the remote start and help you find your car in a crowded parking lot.

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