Python 1401 Remote Start/Keyless Entry System Review


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If you’re in the market for a remote starter for your car, the Python 1401 Remote Car Starter/Keyless Entry System provides a great solution at an unbeatable price. The system has an amazing 2000-foot range of operation for all of the functions it provides, which is more than most systems in its price range.

It allows you to use the same remote for two different cars and even choose which car is the primary for each remote. This can be a very handy feature if you’re a two-car household and allows you to warm up both of your cars on a cold morning with the push of a few buttons.

The other features that help separate the Python 1401 Remote Car Starter from the rest include programmable run times and valet mode. Variable run time enables you to choose how long your car will stay running once started remotely. Valet mode keeps your car running even after the key has been removed for a period of time. This way you can jump out of your car at the store and keep it running for a few minutes while locked. Its also allows you to let a valet park and lock your car without the keys.

The Python 1401 will also lock and unlock your doors and trunk either with a toot of your horn for confirmation or silently. The horn honking is nice if you’re trying to find your car in a crowded parking lot at night.

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