AVITAL 5303 Security/Remote Start System Review


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The AVITAL 5303 provides both a remote start and a security system that is reasonably priced and easy to install.

The unit comes with a wide range of features that allow you to customize the system for your car. The AVITAL 5303 Security/Remote Start System not only allows you to start your car remotely, it provides instant confirmation and feedback on anything you ask it to do. This is a big advantage over simpler 1-way systems that don’t confirm a task.

Knowing that your car actually started and is warming up for you in the driveway is critical on those cold mornings. In addition to starting your car, the AVITAL 5303 Security/Remote Start System can also provides a temperature check for your vehicle and enables you to program variables that determine how long the car runs once started.

The security portion of the system provides a Zone 2 impact sensor to warn intruders that your car is secure. If a break-in attempt does occur on your vehicle the siren will sound and your 2-way AVITAL 5303 remote will vibrate and buzz as well to alert you. One final feature to help deter theft is the starter interrupt circuit that will prevent the car from being started once the alarm is tripped and makes it impossible to steal.

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